Cinematic Titanic is sweet

17 01 2008

So Mystery Science Theater 3000 is pretty much the most amazing show ever. If not always consistently great, the concept remains brilliant and even the worst episodes always contained at least one or two amazing jokes. It’s been years since the show was on, and even longer since it’s creator Joel Hodgson was involved, but now Joel is manning the helm of a new project called “Cinematic Titanic” that once again tackles the realm of the terrible movie, with amazing riffs by the man himself along with 4 other MST3K alumni (J. Elvis Weinstein, Trace Beaulieu, Mary Jo Pehl, and Frank Conniff.)

The crew’s first victim, “The Oozing Skull” is itself an amazingly crappy brain-switching film about a huge ogre, a righteous midget, and a woman who pretends to be trapped in handcuffs in a basement dungeon, and some other crap about car trouble. This movie is pretty much unwatchable without the Titanics, and they actually DO make it a worthwhile experience. It starts out kind of slow, but once they get rolling (at about the 15 minute mark), it gets quite hilarious and doesn’t let up. I loved hearing all of them (especially Joel–who is still amazing), but I think that the MVP of this first episode was Frank. I’m biased, because I have always loved Mr. Conniff’s awkward deliveries over the years as TV’s Frank, but getting to hear him make obscure music references and knowing that I was probably the only one laughing was oddly comforting.

Read Frank’s take on this phenomenon here.




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