Tyshawn + Macaroni + Rambo = Good Day

7 02 2008

Yesterday has to rank as one of my favorite days of ’08 so far. It all started with an Amazon package that held the debut double-disc from NY drummer Tyshawn Sorey. I have been hearing some great things about this record, and now I can actually say that they’re all true! It’s unlike anything else I’ve heard, and is almost impossible to stop listening to. The band interaction combined with amazing recording quality give this album a dynamic range that most newer ones lack–because, you know, it’s sometimes hard to hear in your car and stuff. So that gave my day a great start, and I’m still making my way through it.

Next was lunch with my mom, which was good as usual. We typically meet for lunch once a week at this newer spot in Chesterfield called Cafe Caturra. Good but over-priced food, and a decent atmosphere (although they forgot to turn the music on yesterday).

Then I taught lessons from 3 to 8pm, which is what it is.

After work, I hung out with the girlfriend, and she had made some superb macaroni, with a couple secret tweaks that really made it shine. Good times!

After dinner, it was off to see Rambo solo. I couldn’t get my girlfriend to go, and every time I brought this movie up in mixed company, it would get laughs, but my dedication to B-movies and exploitation stuff couldn’t keep me away, and I wasn’t disappointed. When I entered the theater, there were only two other guys there, and despite that, we were all excited.

I will say that this is one of the most gory films I’ve ever seen. Basically the story consists of a quick way to have Rambo kill the Burmese military. Not one or two people, or even a squad, but the WHOLE damn thing. The exploitation is unreal, and it’s amazing that this film was greenlit given the mixed messages it pummels you with. Basically Rambo takes some American Christian missionaries into Burma where they want to bring faith and help the locals deal with the harshness of life there (where they are randomly forced to run into land mines). When the missionaries are captured by the military, their Pastor assembles a team of mercenaries and Rambo to rescue them. Then Rambo kills a TON of people to rescue the white missionaries. That’s it, and its amazing. The missionary angle is interesting, because they are portrayed pretty realistically, and as a result this could turn out to be the second exploitation film that Christians embrace (the first is, of course, Passion of the Christ). Hopefully they will understand that anytime a church Pastor hires a team of professional killers, you’re watching an exploitation film.

So when the movie ended, it was after midnight, and I briefly hung out with the other two guys that saw Rambo. We were all beaming because we had seen a movie which isn’t supposed to exist anymore–an assault of gore and violence that doesn’t care who it offends. It was awesome. The two dudes recommended I see Commando next because a guy gets cut in half with a circular saw…SWEET!

A Good Day indeed.




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20 02 2008


I come here by way of Filmschool Dropout.
Actually, the link was through her recent Citizen Kane post, but I happened to check out some of your other entries before I was going to comment on YOUR CK post.
And the RAMBO post got my attention first.
Bur FIRST-First: very cool that you had such an awesome day!
Unfortunately, I’m not at all in tune with the musician whose CD you got. I’m assuming it’s jazz, which intellectually sounds interesting to me (uh, whatever that means) but for some reason I never really get into that type of music.
But, that’s my problem!

But I’ve been wanting to check out RAMBO ever since I saw the ad on TV which I thought was simply amazing, from all the violence THAT had and which it alluded to along with the metal music emphasizing the violence. Completely unapologetic! Which, instead of repulsing me, I thought was kind of inspiring for its “Nuts to you, this is what it is” approach.
In an apple and pears way, it reminds of the first ads I saw for HOSTEL, which impressed me for it’s practically daring you to see the movie.
Unfortunately, I haven’t seen either of those movies yet, but I may still be able to see RAMBO in the theater before it leaves.
I saw the FIRST BLOOD in the theater when it first came out and thought it was a very effective film. I thought the sheriff was a little stereotypical, but the friend I saw it with said he sees guys like that all the time during his night shift at 7-11.
I think I saw the sequel on VHS, and I really don’t remember much of it.
Although, I remember the controversy about the body count then and I might’ve been somewhat outraged or turned off philosophically at the time.
So, I must have changed or something over the many years.
I also thought that it was interesting that James Cameron worked on that script, too, I think at the same time he was working on the script for ALIENS.

By coincidence, sort of, another guy I know, from work, a young guy (much younger than me and who recently finished a tour in Iraq) told me he saw the film with his dad (a big Stallone and action movie fan) and the theater was pretty full.
Then, talking about Stallone films, he said the only time he ever saw a full movie theater erupt into a standing ovation spontaneously at the end of a movie was for ROCKY BALBOA.

But anyways.

When I have time, I hope to check out the rest of your blog!
Here’s to more great days!

20 02 2008

Thanks for stopping by and reading. Yeah Rambo was just great, and actually too my pleasant surprise, there was almost no Nu-Metal in the Rambo soundtrack. That’s what really ruined 300 for me. I just think Nu-Metal stuff takes away any sense of “bad ass” ness that there might be in a movie.

Also, Tyshawn Sorey is a jazz musician, but I really think his music translates well to the “un jazzified.” It takes deep listening, but it’s really rewarding.

More Great Days are a Must!

5 05 2009
Ten Questions with Tyshawn Sorey « Glowing Realm

[…] Sorey’s debut as a leader came out on Firehouse 12 Records, I kind of freaked out about it here. It was so unlike anything I expected after hearing him in other contexts, and pretty much blew me […]

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