Lau Kar-leung and the Importance of Being Musically Earnest.

8 03 2008

Just wanted to let everyone know about a great blog post here. Dragon Dynasty’s Bey Logan just posted about his encounter with Shaw Bros. and Hong Kong movie legend Lau Kar-leung. This is the man responsible for the classic 36th Chamber of Shaolin, as well as many others including the great Heroes of the East, which DD are currently preparing for release on DVD soon. Bey does a great job with these films, filling them with as many extras as he can get his hands on, and his blog posts are always insightful.

Speaking of great blog posts: Darcy James Argue, a fellow jazz cohort fighting the good fight, posted a great analysis of the (un)importance of being a technical alien here. Being a virtuoso on your instrument always seems like a good idea, but then you graduate from high school, and you realize how much more you listen to Led Zeppelin than Joe Satriani. Its at that time that you realize how similar musical virtuosity is to the film Virtuosity…BAD!




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