Album News (Yes…it’s really coming out)

8 04 2008

So we’ve been hard at work on our debut album, and it’s getting closer to being done. All the recording is done and mastered (by myself via AMAZING advice from Bob Weston). Here’s a tentative tracklist:

Music to Listen to Glows in the Dark By:

1 Nero

2 Security Lock

3 Winterlight

4 Through a Glass Darkly

5 Ipanema Weeknight

6 Turtle

7 Up and Down

8 Warren Oates

The design is being handled by our good friend Mark Luetke, and is based on several posters that he’s done for us in the past. It’s gonna look real cool. The album ends with the original version of Warren Oates, before we blew it up into a Suite, so this one’s only nine minutes. Also of note, both Ipanema Weeknight and Up and Down were originally recorded as solo acoustic tunes on my solo record Gerund Vol. 1, and I am currently brainstorming ways to make it available for purchase so stay tuned for that…




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