Playing at Commercial Taphouse on Sunday (4.27)

24 04 2008

Once again, we are bringing our fury to Commercial Taphouse at 111 N. Robinson on Sunday for FREE.  We start at 9:30pm and we will be premiering a new tune called “One Armed Swordsman.”  The song, inspired by the Chang Cheh film of the same name, will take us into territory that we haven’t really dealt with before in terms of the improvising.  It will be mucho funo.

We’ve played at Taphouse quite a bit.  It’s always fun, but disappointing in that the way they pay the band’s is purely based on a percentage from the bar intake.  This means we need people to drink a lot.  Just think, if everyone drank until they were just short of dying, it would give us enough money to put a down payment on a new guitar patch chord.  We couldn’t buy it outright (they can sometimes cost up to $10!), but it would give us a good start.

Anyway, hope to see everyone out—it’ll be the big fun!




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26 04 2008

Here’s to heavy drinking for a good cause.

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