The Boot (5.1.08) mp3s + MashupRVA

7 05 2008

Hey guys. Took a lot longer to get these up because I did an awesome thing and left my laptop charger at work over the weekend. Here is the entire Boot gig from May 1, 2008. Not too many people there, but it was a lot of fun. More people should go there because it rules all the time. You can look at your watch at any time whenever, and know that at that moment, The Boot is ruling. Reigning even.

5.1.08 The Boot, Norfolk, VA

Set 1

1) I Crudeli

2) Security Lock

3) The Silence

4) Five Deadly Venoms

5) Winterlight

6) One Armed Swordsman

Set 2

1) Nero

2) GTO

3) Turtle

4) Through a Glass Darkly

5) Up and Down

Also, we are taping a segment for MashupRVA‘s Sessions. More info on that soon!




2 responses

7 05 2008

Keep me posted about the MashupRVA thing!

8 05 2008

Thanks for putting these shows up. They are phenomenal. I’m definately digging Five Deadly Venoms. I don’t know if I’ll be able to figure out the entire stradegy behind that tune, but all I know is that the parts really work well together. Also, the Cameron/Scott C. section in Winterlight keeps getting better all the time. The last Commercial Taphouse performance of that tune is highlighted in flourescent for sure. Thanks for looking out for my ears~~>brain.

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