MashUpRVA + Silent Music Revival

19 05 2008

So back a piece, I mentioned that Glows would be performing on a local web news show called MashupRVA. Well, we did and it went really well! We performed 2 songs: Through a Glass Darkly and The Silence, and did a short interview. Right now everything is hosted on the MashupRVA site, which you can check here:

Glows on MashupRVA

The experience was great. We rolled into the RTD building at around 10am, and met with Karen Newton and Corey Amado, then carted our equipment all the way down to the basement where they had a small studio set up at the end of a newsroom area. Everyone was super nice, and they even had some muffins and drinks laid out for us! We ran through a tune, and figured out a couple technical problems, then played each song twice, and watched them to see which one turned out best. Everything went really well, and I was surprised by the band’s tightness given the early time slot. Everyone played great and got through it. Reggie’s solo on The Silence, and Jason’s on the same tune really stood out. It was great to get the opportunity to document this stuff with video cameras that aren’t mine for once! We knew that the Mashup crew had probably never heard any type of free jazz and improvised music, and it was fun to surprise them with something different. Particularly during our soundcheck, when Scott Clark launched into a loud free jazz explosion that caught everyone off guard. Hopefully we’ll get to work with them again!

One thing you’ll notice about the Mashup link, which is kind of unfortunate, is that it’ss buried in the Richmond Times Dispatch’s architecture. While MashupRVA is part of the RTD, it’s definitely it’s own thing and should at least get it’s own web space (aside from it’s re-direct URL). My chief complaint about InRich being that if you want to read a story from the RTD, it’s easier to use google than try to navigate the InRich layout.

And in other news, tomorrow we will be playing as part of the Silent Music Revival at Rumors Boutique at 9pm for FREE!

We will be providing an improvised soundtrack to the Buster Keaton film The Electric House. It will be a lot of fun, especially considering we have never seen the film! It’s a public domain film, and so I had to resist the urge to download it at the great, but it will be a lot more fun I think when we don’t know what’s coming next. I will have very little prepared material, but hopefully enough to give the audience something to hold on to. It will be fun because again, this is a situation where the audience for the Silent Music Revival has largely never seen free improvisation in action, and has definitely not seen us before—-Good Times!




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19 05 2008

“Glows in the Dark is playing tomorrow night, Tuesday, May 20, at Rumors Boutique as an installment of the Silent Music Revival…”

The videos on MashUp look good!

19 05 2008

Thanks for the shout out!

20 05 2008
Silent music revival « The Bioscope

[…] jazz group Glows in the Dark played to Buster Keaton’s The Electric House. Previous screenings have included Antlers […]

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