5.25.08 Commercial Taphouse mp3s!!!

29 05 2008

So here it is.  The complete show in mp3s.  We had a personnel change for this show, as Tom Skjei filled in for Cameron on bass duties.  I used to play with Tom all the time, and it was great to hear him getting back into playing and improvising.  We also resurrected a couple older tunes (Hi There, and Ipanema Weeknight), and we played the original Warren Oates as well.  Good times, good crowd, and of course not a lot of money, but we did manage to drink a lot of beer for free, so hopefully our livers got their money’s worth there.

We’ve also added a couple new shows including our CD Release Party, which will be the first in a series of concerts organized by Reggie Pace and Larri Branch that will take place on their balcony at the corner of Thompson and Grace!  It will be free and all ages, and there will be a lemonade stand, as the crowd gathers on the lawn below to check out some of Richmond’s Finest.  More info on their Facebook Group

5.25.08 Commercial Taphouse, RVA

Set 1

1) Hi There What Good???

2) Through a Glass Darkly

3) Ipanema Weeknight

4) Winterlight

5) GTO

6) Strawberry Letter 23

Set 2

1) Nero

2) The Silence

3) One Armed Swordsman

4) Up and Down

5) Warren Oates (original version)

and Tom’s last name (Skjei) means “Spoon” in Norwegian.  We got confirmation from Paal Nilssen-Love years ago!




2 responses

29 05 2008
Pace Wacey


20 11 2008
Andy Swartz

I was in attendance. Great show!

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