New Blog Feature: Ten Questions

3 07 2008

In an effort to promote the cross-pollination of ideas among creative musicians (assuming that all musicians are bees), we will be bringing you good readers short ten question interviews with some of the best and brightest in the new music scene.  They will all be asked the same ten questions (with a few tweaks here and there), and the answers they give will most definitely inspire both humans and bees a like.  We’ve got some great musicians lined up and starting next week we’ll roll these things out to our loyal readers to enjoy in the privacy of their own browsers.  I can think of no better musician to start with than the great NY/Chicago composer/saxophonist Matana Roberts!  Hope you’ll join us…

Also, we just added a show on July 13 at Rumors (404 N. Harrison) where we will be dealing with some new material for a top-secret project involving our good friends the Venoms.  Hope to see Richmonders out there for us and Coald Toast with the great James Wallets.  Check the Shows page for more info.




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