Lost and Found

8 09 2008

Several things are going on in Glows World these days. We LOST Jason Arce (rumor has it he is in NY teaching teachers) and we FOUND John Lilley (rumor has it that its true that he rules).  Jason and John are both great players with very different styles, so we’re excited to see the direction John’s approach will take us (it better be sweet or his ass is fired…jk).


On Myspace-A couple new songs from some recent recording we’ve been doing.
On YouTube-New Clips from our performance at B.S. Mitrick’s The Fest Oh 8.
On iTunes-Jason Arce’s debut album Simplicity.  You can find the album on iTunes with good ol’ search!

In other news:

I’m working on some music for director Lawrance Lee’s new short film The Lost Ones.  The film is about a man who loses his brother in a car crash and gets stuck on it, unable to deal with the loss and move forward.  For the project, I’ve assembled a non-lossy band that includes Glows’ Cameron Ralston, and Fight the Big Bull’s Pinson Chanselle and Matt White.  Engineering will be Andy Jenkins of The Great White Jenkins.




One response

30 09 2008

Sorry to see Arce go, although the best of luck to that great, great man. Excited to see Lilly in the band. That man has what it takes to Glow. I’ve seen it. I’ve also heard it. And film soundtrack work is what it’s all about. I mean movies glow in the dark. Goods.

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