Presenting John Lilley! 8.31.08 mp3s

10 09 2008

So the first official show with John Lilley as the new Glow went really well.  We brought more people to Commercial Taphouse then ever before.  We even had bros and bathroom-sharing sorority girls that were standing right next to us (and in front of the recording mic.)  So I apologize in advance if the second set of the show is marred with conversations about Dave Matthews, that girls’s outfit, popped collars, or cocaine.  Actually they were super cool, and really dug the music, going so far as to all dance during a Scott Burton/Scott Clark free jazz explosion!  It was sweet.

This show was also great because we premiered a new piece called My Name is Cameron Vale, which is based around the David Cronenberg film Scanners.  The movie has themes of mental over-load which I tried to work into the music, making this song officially the hardest song we play!  I hated for that to be the first new tune Lilley had to learn, but he sounded great on it, and I was the only one that screwed it up (just a little…honest.)  It’s all about this crazy ass beat that Scott Clark plays.  It’s in 4 I promise.

I was also able to work out a new deal at Taphouse, so luckily that wasn’t our last gig there!

8.31.08 Commercial Taphouse, RVA

Set 1

1) I Crudeli

2) One Armed Swordsman

3) Winterlight

4) My Name is Cameron Vale

5) Up and Down

Set 2

1) Nero

2) The Silence

3) Through a Glass Darkly

4) GTO/Mr. Mansfield

5) Security Lock

6) Crippled Avengers




One response

12 09 2008

You forgot to mention that there might be a distinct “slap” sound cos one of those sorority girls smacked you on the ass during a guitar solo. Imagine what the recording would sound like if I were a) there, and b) the jealous type.

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