The Future of Music

18 09 2008

For all interested parties, the future of music is currently being exhibited in the form of Kidz Eight Track over at RVANews. Kids writing great original and highly unpredictable music that is as challenging as it is rewarding. That sounds like a bold statement…until you hear Caleb the BitCrusher!

The logical progression from the Eight Track, which is an on-going competition between local bands, Kidz edition deals with younger students of music and the results of learning by creating.  It’s amazing how great this stuff is, and it’s even better when you compare it to the music of today (all genres.)  While these songs might not have the polish needed for the Disney Channel, they can arguably compete with some of experimental and pitchfork music’s finest.  Based on pure sound, some of the tracks would not be out of place on a Wire Magazine CD, yet they were created by kids under the age of 13.  I don’t say that as any kind of an insult, but as a compliment to the kids and to their brave curiosity.

Watch out for more great composers like Alec Tubbs and AJ Illustre in the next couple weeks!




2 responses

18 09 2008

Yeah, right on the money about The Wire thing. These kids are really impressive. Are Alec Tubbs and AJ Illustre two more music kidz?

18 09 2008

Most definitely. Two more composers with grand visions!

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