John Carpenter: The Music The Cues

30 10 2008

So in preparing this music, I wanted to make sure that I covered mostly early stuff by John Carpenter.  I like the music that he made all by himself in his den of electronic instruments the most.  I also had to have multiple cues from Halloween, because this is all based around said holiday, and I love that song.  At the same time, I wanted the music to not only be creepy, but to be able to function as material we would normally play.  Here are the movies and cues we are using from them:

Some cues have been combined.

Assault on Precinct 13 (1976)
Main Theme
The Windows

Halloween (1978)
Halloween Theme
Halloween 1963
Halloween 1978
The Shape Stalks Laurie

The Fog (1980)
Number 5

Escape from New York (1981)
Across the Roof
Main Title
The President is Gone
69th Street Bridge

Halloween 3 (1982)
Main Title

The best part about this music is the open ended quality of it, and that gave great flexibility for arranging, and putting together some form of a narrative.  I’m really excited about the shows and to see the reaction(s).

Carpenter fans might wonder why I didn’t include The Thing.  Besides being probably my favorite Carpenter movie, The Thing also has a soundtrack by probably my favorite film composer Ennio Morricone…not Carpenter.  That said, it is notable that Morricone uses a synth on the soundtrack (arguably the first time he did that), so it sounds Carpenter-ish in a way.




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