John Carpenter Live mp3s!!!

9 11 2008

dscn06981So here is the full first set performance of the John Carpenter material from it’s RVA premiere at Commercial Taphouse on Nov. 2. Peter McElhinney was kind enough to take some great pictures which can be found here. We also got some pretty sweet write ups on the performance from RVAJazz and MashupRVA. MashupRVA also did an interview with me about the show that can be found on their front page.

I couldn’t be happier that we were able to make this music work, and now I can’t wait to record it. The fact that we were able to present this stuff in a bar atmosphere to a mostly quiet and attentive audience is a testament to the constant awesomeness of Commercial Taphouse, and to the fans that came out and listened. The mp3’s came out good, but are quiet. You might have to crank up the volume every once in awhile, but it’s all there, and the songs were performed as a giant suite.

We have more info on where each tune came from here.

11.2.08 Commercial Taphouse, RVA

John Carpenter Project

1 The Fog (Opening)

2 Targets + Halloween 1968

3 Halloween 3 + Assault on Precinct 13 Theme

4 The President is Gone + 69th St. Bridge

5 Halloween 1978 + The Shape Stalks Laurie

6 Number 5

7 Escape from New York Theme

8 Across the Roof

9 Halloween Theme




5 responses

20 12 2008
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[…] that night. Everyone was “on” from the first tune to the last. We also played some more John Carpenter music, and some pieces from the Warren Oates Suite. […]

15 04 2009

These are truly amazing! I found out about this thru the Horror Etc. message board. Glad to see Halloween III in there!

15 04 2009

Thanks so much! We are hoping to make a proper studio recording of this material in the not so distant future. That music is just so good. We’ve been mixing and matching these tunes into our regular sets recently as well, and it just works so well. Also, how about Horror Etc? Those guys are entirely too much fun to listen to.

15 04 2009

Fantastic! I can’t wait for the studio recording!! It’s a such a great interpretation of Carpenter’s music. I love it.
Horror Etc is a lot of fun! It helps me get thru my work week.

28 10 2009
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