Bergman + Carpenter = 11.21.08 mp3s!!!

22 11 2008

We’d like to thank Adam from the Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative for setting up our show last night.  We had a great time playing in between Uncle Jemima and The Moses.  It’s fun to introduce improvised music to a new audience.  We scared them at first with Through a Glass Darkly, but then we brought them back with the rest of our set, including the other tunes written for Ingmar Bergman followed by some more of the John Carpenter music.  This is the first time I tried re-ordering the Carpenter music, and it worked out well.  We played Across the Roof and transitioned into Halloween 3 + Assault on Precinct 13 Theme to end our set.  Across the Roof came out really well, even when my amp threatened to crap out at the beginning of the tune.  For those keeping score at home, Across the Roof is taken from the soundtrack to Escape from New York.  The recording actually came out well, so enjoy the mp3age and let us know what you think.

11.21.08 The Bridge Progressive Arts Initiative, Charlottesville, VA

1) Through a Glass Darkly

2) Winterlight

3) The Silence

4) Across the Roof

5) Halloween 3 + Assault on Precinct 13 Theme




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