Ah Sweet 90’s.

21 01 2009

So for our great t-shirt launch, we joined forces with the designer/DJ Kenneth Close for a night of 90’s fun at Cous Cous here in Richmond.  He DJs 90’s songs as part of 240 Minutes, a monthly feature at the restaurant.  He also designs sweet t-shirts under the name fLuX RaD, and since he just designed a new shirt for us, we thought it’d be great to join forces and celebrate the 90’s and awesome shirts.  The 90’s part worked great, but not so much with the shirts.  Basically we didn’t think about the whole thing where people at bars don’t buy shirts, but they buy alcohol. Luckily the show was packed and everyone still seemed to enjoy our avant renderings of 90’s classics!

The highlight for me was when we brought my friend Larri Branch to the stage to rhyme over C.R.E.A.M. by Wu Tang Clan.  Epic times.  Also we did a song called Rage Songs, that was really just the riffs from 5 different Rage Against the Machine songs all played straight through.  It was a goofy idea that seemed to work pretty good.  Also…Them Bones!

We will soon add the ability to buy our shirt on the site, but for now it will be at all of our gigs.

1.17.09 Cous Cous, RVA

1) Turtle

2) Heart Shaped Box

3) Them Bones

4) Black Hole Sun

5) C.R.E.A.M. (w/Larri Branch)

6) Rage Songs





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