1.25.09 Commercial Taphouse live mp3s!

31 01 2009

Our first 2009 gig at Commercial Taphouse went great! All the peeps were out, and we played our asses off. It’s always funny to think about how the band sounded and to make a judgement, but I really think we were “on” that night. We tried some new segues that worked okay. I particularly liked putting the John Carpenter Number 5 piece in the middle of One Armed Swordsman. Number 5 is from the movie The Fog, so imagining a one armed swordsman slowly walking through fog is perfectly okay. Honest. Enjoy!

1.25.09 Commercial Taphouse, RVA

Set 1

1) Turtle

2) Silence

3) Security Lock

4) GTO > Mr. Mansfield

5) Nero

Set 2

1) One Armed Swordsman > Number 5 > One Armed Swordsman

2) Across the Roof > Winterlight

3) Through a Glass Darkly

4) I Crudeli




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