RVAJazzfest mp3s!

26 02 2009

rvajazzfestWow! The RVAJazzfest was an amazing experience from start to finish. What Dean Christesen has done with his site over the past one and a half years is quite amazing, and the amount of time he’s devoted to Glows has always been beyond gracious. The fact that he was able to successfully pull off this show, and manage to sell it out, is an achievement that cannot be overstated. The crowd was amazing, and really pushed us to give a great performance, and helped validate our approach (something the bar atmosphere doesn’t always do).

Also, the presence of Steven Bernstein in RVA has already given our scene a great boost of confidence, and his advice and hilarious musings have really helped me personally. Good Times! Enjoy the tunes…

2.21.08 RVAJazzfest, The Camel, RVA

1) Nero

2) John Carpenter Tunes (The Fog > Across the Roof > Halloween 3 > Assault on Precinct 13)

3) Winterlight

4) The Silence

5) One Armed Swordsman > Number 5 > One Armed Swordsman

6)Through a Glass Darkly




3 responses

26 02 2009
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[…]Glows in the Dark has mp3 downloads of their set from RVAjazzfest on Saturday![…]

Thanks, Scott! Had a blast doing it and I’m glad to hear you did too.

27 02 2009

Thanks for the upload Scott. Looking forward to listening again!

My cousin, admitted not a “seasoned” listener of instrumental music, told me during Boots of Leather’s set, and referring to yours, and I’m paraphrasing:

“This is the best music I have ever heard. So amazing.”

To get that kind of reaction from someone not already in to this type of music, I think that is one of the greatest compliments you could receive.

2 03 2009

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