Ten Questions with Joe Lally

26 05 2009


Joe Lally is a bassist/vocalist who first gained international acclaim as a member of the D.C. band Fugazi. Since then, he has started a solo career that has lead to tours all around the world. His solo work is really good, and we’re excited to be playing with Joe on Monday, June 1 at The Camel at 9pm!

For more info and to purchase Joe’s solo albums, check out his website:


1: What got you into creative/improvised music making, and what keeps you there?

Discovering bands that no one else seemed to know about and watching them play in theaters or small clubs really opened an alternative world to me. None of the friends in my neighborhood would even go see these bands with me. I was in an art class in high school in which people came from their school in the county and spent 3 periods there. In that class I met a guy named Ivan Martinez who turned me on to everything punk rock and took me to many shows. Although I wouldn’t play an instrument until I was out of high school it was seeing all the local bands that made me feel I could do this.

2: Breakthrough album(s) and Why?

Both the Sex Pistols and Ramones first records for their overall energy delivered with such simplicity. Joy Division: Unknown Pleasures and the First Public Image record. Again for their gut level energy and spare musical approach but artistically got my imagination going.

3: How do other art disciplines affect your work?

Other than constant work, practice, I’m not sure what you might mean here.

4: Favorite Film(s)?

If this is determined by how many times we watch a film I would have to say Duck Soup or Animal Crackers. Otherwise I think it changes a lot.

5: Favorite Film Score(s)?

Ennio Morricone’s Crime and Dissonance on Ipecac is a great sampler of songs from films. This doesn’t contain the spaghetti westerns at all.

6: Favorite Fiction Reading?

Anything by Isaac Bashevis Singer.

7: Favorite Non-Fiction Reading?

Studs Terkel, for example: Hard Times or The Good War.

8: Favorite Guilty Pleasure Music?

I’m not sure there’s anything left to feel guilty about liking.

9: Favorite Under Rated Musician(s)?

Billy Cox, Bobby Leibling, Christina Billotte.

10: Recommended Artist(s)/Shout Outs?

Hamid Drake, Nina Simone.




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