Tour Success!

20 06 2009

sc cr wfmu

We just got back from a 5 day, 4 show tour that went amazingly well. This was our first time out, and while the money was not overflowing, we had a lot of fun playing and learning. I’ll go through a brief description of each shows for the true believers.

June 10-Live Set for WFMU’s Long Rally, NJ

We were in terrible traffic all day, but somehow managed to arrive at New Jersey’s WFMU with plenty of time to set up and play before our live set. We were a little stressed from the long drive, but Long Rally’s host Scott McDowell immediately put our minds at ease, and we were able to unwind and relax in the studio. We played Through a Glass Darkly, a John Carpenter mashup, and The Silence, and everything was captured crystal clear by Sean Austin, who engineered the session. A short interview and some beers made for a great first show. Hopefully we will be back sooner than later!

The whole set can be downloaded at the Free Music Archive here:

Glows Set at WFMU

and you can stream the whole show from the Long Rally Archive

June 11 Pianos in NY

We were scheduled to play at midnight, and at the last minute were bumped up to 11pm. This show was the only one that I was unsure of, because I kept getting the run around from everyone I talked to at the club. We weren’t listed on their schedule until the day of the show, and we were to play a set right after Ninjasonik-a hip hop dance group. We arrived to see a packed house of 60+ with the band pumping loud tunes in the box that is the downstairs stage at Pianos. The music was great, but we could tell that it would be tough to keep the crowd around with our music. The extremely jerky sound guy rushed us on stage, and kept giving us shit for not having a singer. He literally couldn’t believe that a band could exist without a singer on ANY songs. We proceeded to play our asses off, and scare all but 10-15 people away. The people that stuck around really enjoyed it, and I had some great conversations after, but that was not the right lineup for us. Maybe next time? Some recordings from our engineer/roadie Reggie Chapman should be up soon.

June 13 Uncertainty Music Series, New Haven, CT

This show went great, and was definitely the highlight of the tour. The Uncertainty Music Series, run by composer/bassist Carl Testa highlights improvisers from the area and gives them a great space to play in (at Never Ending Books). We played two short sets that felt strong to an appreciative crowd of locals. Chapman also got some great recordings that we will be mixing up for a possible release! Check out the Uncertainty Music website for more info, and interviews with the performers (including us). Also check out Carl’s music. He gave me a CD and it’s great!

June 14 RVA Band Day at Artomatic, Washington DC

Once again, traffic stressed us out, but we managed to make it to the show in time for our bassist Cameron to play with the first band of the day: Magrelos. Artomatic was a 9 story industrial building featuring much much art. On the first floor, there was a warehouse space for the music and the sound was rough. We worked our way through it and ended up having a pretty solid set. Met Patrick from NPR’s “A Blog Supreme” and our friend Dean from RVAJazz was there to cover the whole thing (including pictures). Go to his article for a more detailed account of the evening.




One response

22 06 2009

Thanks for the notes on the tour! You’re not giving yourselves enough credit for the Artomatic gig though. I didn’t think my ears would be able to make it through all 6 hours until Glows came on. Your sound was great, extreme range of dynamics was there, music was happening as always. You all really took command of that room.

Listening to the Carl Testa podcast now. Wish I had listened to this sooner.

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