Odds and Ends

23 07 2009

Just got back from NY, where Fight the Big Bull played an NPR Music Showcase at Joe’s Pub with Steven Bernstein’s amazing Sex Mob, and then a second show with Lee Fields and the Phenomenal HandClap Band. The experience was great, excusing the amazing amount of driving and the $18 cheeseburger I bought at Joe’s. It was great to see the Richmond scene in full networking mode, Matt White, Reggie Pace, Bryan Hooten and myself all talked with many NPR employees and insiders. The best part of doing this, for me, was getting into real conversations with people. Everyone I talked to seemed genuinely interested in the Richmond Jazz Scene, and as a result, I didn’t even feel douchey giving people the Glows CDs! I’m excited for the future of the scene, and I think that great things are in store as a direct result of las night!

In other news: I am currently conducting the next Ten Questions on Twitter with Ken Vandermark. The rules are simple: I ask one of the questions, and he answers in three tweets or less. Follow @glowsinthedark for the questions, and @kenvandermark for the answers. If you get lost in the Twitter-verse, don’t worry, I will be collecting all the questions and answers and posting them on the blog at the end.

Glows was recently featured on RVA Magazine’s new Sonic Cartographer Podcast. Our friend Reggie Chapman recorded us quite a bit on our recent tour, and one of those recordings was used for this show. I will be reviewing some of the collected works for possible release…which leads me to my next point.

The Live Music Archive that you all know and love has not been forgotten, but is being reassesed. We have some great hi-quality recordings on file now, and I’m currently trying to figure out what exactly to do with them. There will be updates from time to time, but I find that the time I spend updating the archive might be better spent, you know, composing and shit! Who knows, I might just reorganize it or something.

I was interviewed, along with Reggie Pace and Matt White,  for Dean Christesen’s article on Richmond Music Moguls (Dean’s word, not mine). Dean also mentioned all of us and our bands in his article in the new RVA Magazine.

This blog says Glows is a great up and coming band.

And finally, here’s a sweet video recorded by Lauren Serpa of us playing Through a Glass Darkly in New Haven!




2 responses

23 07 2009

Great news round up! Glad to hear you guys are doing well! One of these days when I’m visiting my folks in Fredericksburg I hope to make it down to catch one of your shows! 🙂

23 07 2009
BS Mitrick

Nice work, fellows. You guys rule Richmond, and soon THE WORLD!!

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