Show Download: 10.25.09 Commercial Taphouse RVA

28 10 2009

After having rocked a jazz crowd in Charlottesville, we made a mighty return to Commercial Taphouse in RVA to jazz a rock crowd. I love playing Taphouse, because everyone’s so comfortable that it gives us a chance to try new things. In the first set we opened with a newer tune (aka a Ones and Zeros oldie) called Gary Glitter that we morphed into Turtle. We also played the newer tune Beach of the War Gods (based on the Jimmy Wang Yu movie). We then played the Poliziotteschi inspired Manhunt, and ended with an epic Winterlight.

The second set started with the new tune Revolver. We then took our tune One Armed Swordsman, and crammed some John Carpenter music from Halloween in the middle of it. The Halloween 1978 tune hadn’t been played since we initially premiered it at Taphouse last year. We followed that up with our favorite Carpenter medley, consisting of The Fog into Across the Roof into Halloween 3 into Assault on Precinct 13 (follow?). We then ended with two old favorites, the last of which we stretched way out on, but of course my recorder didn’t catch it all.

10.25.09 Commercial Taphouse RVA

Set 1

1) Gary Glitter > Turtle

2) Beach of the War Gods

3) Manhunt

4) Winterlight

Set 2

1) Revolver

2) One Armed Swordsman > Halloween 1978 + The Shape Stalks Laurie > One Armed Swordsman

3) John Carpenter Medley

4) Through a Glass Darkly

5) Nero




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