More Live Recordings!

18 05 2010

Two shows added to the Archives!

The first is a set we played at The Camel back in December. At one point in the show, Reggie knocked over his stand, and in a crowd full of musicians, the reaction was amazing, as you’ll see in the bonus track.

The second show comes courtesy of A Blog Supreme‘s Patrick Jarenwattananon, who was testing out a new device and broke it in by documenting our first DC show of ’10. He also took some pictures which we’ve put on our Facebook. Special thanks to Ed Ricart for setting that show up, and playing!

More announcements coming soon.


12.7.09 The Camel, RVA

1) Gary Glitter > Turtle

2) Manhunt

3) Beach of the War Gods

4) Revolver

5) Through a Glass Darkly

6) Winterlight

Bonus: The Reggie Music Stand Reaction

5.5.10 Bossa, Washington, DC

Recorded by A Blog Supreme’s Patrick Jarenwattananon

1) Manhunt

2) Gary Glitter

3) One Armed Swordsman>Carpenter>One Armed Swordsman

4) Beach of the War Gods

5) Winterlight

6) John Carpenter Medley

7) Through a Glass Darkly




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19 05 2010
Newsbits | Avant Music News

[…] Glows in the Dark has posted two live shows for free download. […]

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