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29 06 2010

Our return to Commercial Taphouse went great. It was good to see Sean behind the bar again, and have a packed house to play for. We tried melding songs together in a different way for our first number, and it went great. It’s always fun to imagine these songs flowing together, and then having no idea what that would sound like until you’re actually doing it. At this point, the group is so comfortable with the material, that it’s fun to add some creative challenge to the usual mix of song/improv. Nothing is perfect though, and in this case, we didn’t get the whole second set recorded, but what we did get came out sounding good. We even played a new tune called The Boss, inspired by the Fernando Di Leo movie of the same name, though only the first few minutes got recorded. Enjoy!

6.27.10 Commercial Taphouse, RVA

Set 1

1) Revolver>Across the Roof>The Silence

2) One Armed Swordsman>Halloween>One Armed Swordsman

3) Manhunt

4) Winterlight

5) Up and Down

Set 2

1) Beach of the War Gods

2) The Boss (incomplete)




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30 06 2010
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