Show Download: 7.26.10 First Eurogroove Performance!

31 07 2010

Eurocrime: being a synonym for the word Poliziotteschi…which we discussed here.

Here’s an interesting one. This recording finds us in the early stages of a new show we’re working on, playing hard hitting Eurocrime covers mixed with music we recorded for the documentary Eurocrime. We play this music in front of scenes from Eurocrime films being projected on the wall behind us. The idea being to give an authentic 70’s Italian funk vibe that you can sometimes even dance to (whaaaa?)

For the projection, I had a DVD of Eurocrime movie trailers that ended up being slightly more extreme than I had intended. Tons of violence and sex. It added to the vibe, but the rape was unexpected. Glows is no fan of rape…so I’m gonna retool the footage for our next go round!

We got some good and interesting writeups, and over all the response was very positive. I can’t wait to get everything tighter and add more tunes.

We performed 2 extended suites of tunes. Here’s how they broke down:

Eurogroove #1=One Against Many (Glows), Mark il Poliziotto (S. Cipriani), Betrayal (Glows), La Via Della Droga (Goblin), Corsa Mortale (P. De Luca).

Eurogroove #2=Roma Violenta (De Angelis Brothers), J & B (Glows), Drug’s Theme (E. Simonetti, Goblin), Racket (Glows)

There will be more, and it will be glorious!

Also, check out Through a Glass Darkly in the second set. Scott Clark and I just started a duo and have been using our free section in this song to work out new ideas.


7.26.10 Balliceaux, RVA

Set 1 (First Eurogroove Performance)

1) Eurogrooves 1

2) Eurogrooves 2

Set 2

1) Beach of the War Gods

2) Up and Down

3) Winterlight

4) Through a Glass Darkly

5) Manhunt

6) Revolver




One response

31 07 2010

Shit is dope Skiz! Can’t wait to hear that Eurogroove shit live! Missed you at The Life. It was ridiculously awesome. Keep the groovin goin!

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