MAY 24 Album Release AND Concert!!!

4 05 2011

Join us for the official release of our new album:


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Live Performance at The Camel (1621 W. Broad St.)

9pm All Ages and FREE!!!

ZAHA (NYC) will open.

This follow up album has been a long time in the making, and we’re excited to finally unleash it in the wild!

We will have a limited number of physical CDs available for $10 each, but fear not, because the album will also be available to download on iTunes, AmazonMP3, eMusic, and more.

We’re also thrilled to be joined by NY experimental band ZAHA, who will be opening!

Also, if that weren’t enough, we are excited to unveil a video for the song “Gary Glitter” created by the amazing Mitchell Craft!!!

Glows in the Dark – Gary Glitter from g4ztop on Vimeo.

Here’s a tracklist and more info on the record:

Beach of the War Gods (2011)

1 Revolver 5:31
2 Violent Rome I 1:03
3 Beach of the War Gods 6:49
4 Manhunt 6:58
5 One Armed Swordsman 7:12
6 Violent Rome II 1:06
7 The Silence 7:34
8 Violent Rome III 2:35
9 Caliber 9 3:52
10 Gary Glitter 3:48
11 Violent Rome IV 1:07
12 My Name is Cameron Vale 7:37

Recorded by Lance Koehler Jan 22-24, 2010 at Jo Ann-land Studios in Cullen, VA
Mixed by Lance and Glows in the Dark Feb. 1, 2010 at Minimum Wage Studios in Richmond, VA. Mastered by Lance Koehler.

Every song on this album is inspired by the movie of the same name, except “Gary Glitter.” “My Name is Cameron Vale” being inspired by David Cronenberg’s Scanners.

All songs by Scott Burton except Violent Rome I-IV by Glows in the Dark
One Armed Swordsman contains elements of “Halloween 1978” and “The Shape Stalks Laurie Strode” by John Carpenter. Produced by Glows in the Dark. Associate Produced by Brandon Mitchell.

Special Thanks to Tray Eppes for the hospitality, inspiration, and goat. Steven Bernstein for continued support, and helpful analysis. Jneiro Jarel for the advice. And Richmond for it’s constant excellence and Lance for getting it on tape.




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