Glows in the Dark is an avant garde jazz quintet based in Richmond, Virginia. Formed in 2007 by Scott Burton as a new outlet for his music, GITD is an on-going attempt to meld jazz and free improvisation with the storytelling qualities of film. Taking cues and inspiration from everyone from J Dilla to Ennio Morricone to Yes, the band combines melody with chaos and processes the mix through it’s filter of five distinct personalities. By taking old films and adapting their story structure to music, Burton and company have come up with a unique songwriting process that continues to surprise.

So far, Glows In The Dark has had the honor of performing with Matana Roberts and sharing the stage with Steven Bernstein, Ken Vandermark and Tim Daisy, Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, Joe Lally of Fugazi, Mary Halvorson and Jessica Pavone, Judith Berkson, Aram Shelton’s Arrive, Darius Jones, Daylight Brigade and more. Over the summer of 2009 the band toured the East Coast and was invited to record a live set at WFMU along the way.

In late January 2010, they made their NY Stone debut and recorded the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut, with songs inspired by 1970’s Italian crime films and more obscure goodness. They’ve also been working on a remix version with an eclectic group of producers including Tim Gane (of Stereolab), Count Bass D, Jneiro Jarel and more!

Glows has also recently become affiliated with Jneiro Jarel’s Label Who, and has much more in the works with him.

The group recently joined Italian band Calibro 35 in recording music for director Mike Malloy’s documentary feature EuroCrime, to be released in 2011.

Scott Burton: guitar/composition

Scott Clark: drums

John Lilley: saxes

Reginald Pace: trombone/shakers

Cameron Ralston: bass


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