25 12 2010

From all of us to all of you, we want to wish everyone Happy Holidays with a Christmas standard from a recent show:

Hark the Herold Angels Sing

I had arranged some Christmas tunes from Vince Guaraldi’s Charlie Brown Christmas album to play at a recent Commercial Taphouse show, and upon setting this challenge for myself, two things happened:

1) Reggie wasn’t able to do the gig because of a conflict with NO BS.

2) Cameron was sick in bed.

So to solve these problems we:

1) Were able to work with trombonist Toby Whitaker from Bio Ritmo and Amazing Ghost.

2) Played the gig without a bass player, which meant some last minute adjustments, but it worked.


And look forward to many new exciting things coming in 2011, including our new album, and the fabled remix project featuring Count Bass D, Jneiro Jarel, and Tim Gane!


Show Download: 7.26.10 First Eurogroove Performance!

31 07 2010

Eurocrime: being a synonym for the word Poliziotteschi…which we discussed here.

Here’s an interesting one. This recording finds us in the early stages of a new show we’re working on, playing hard hitting Eurocrime covers mixed with music we recorded for the documentary Eurocrime. We play this music in front of scenes from Eurocrime films being projected on the wall behind us. The idea being to give an authentic 70’s Italian funk vibe that you can sometimes even dance to (whaaaa?)

For the projection, I had a DVD of Eurocrime movie trailers that ended up being slightly more extreme than I had intended. Tons of violence and sex. It added to the vibe, but the rape was unexpected. Glows is no fan of rape…so I’m gonna retool the footage for our next go round!

We got some good and interesting writeups, and over all the response was very positive. I can’t wait to get everything tighter and add more tunes.

We performed 2 extended suites of tunes. Here’s how they broke down:

Eurogroove #1=One Against Many (Glows), Mark il Poliziotto (S. Cipriani), Betrayal (Glows), La Via Della Droga (Goblin), Corsa Mortale (P. De Luca).

Eurogroove #2=Roma Violenta (De Angelis Brothers), J & B (Glows), Drug’s Theme (E. Simonetti, Goblin), Racket (Glows)

There will be more, and it will be glorious!

Also, check out Through a Glass Darkly in the second set. Scott Clark and I just started a duo and have been using our free section in this song to work out new ideas.


7.26.10 Balliceaux, RVA

Set 1 (First Eurogroove Performance)

1) Eurogrooves 1

2) Eurogrooves 2

Set 2

1) Beach of the War Gods

2) Up and Down

3) Winterlight

4) Through a Glass Darkly

5) Manhunt

6) Revolver

Live mp3 Download: 7.25.10 Commercial Taphouse

29 07 2010

The first of two recent shows finds us back at Commercial Taphouse, playing for a full house and all warmed up after a long rehearsal earlier in the day. ENJOY!!!

And stay tuned, our show the next night will be online soon enough!

7.25.10 Commercial Taphouse, RVA

Set 1

1) Gary Glitter

2) The Silence

3) Across the Roof > Revolver

4) Beach of the War Gods

5) Manhunt

6) One Armed Swordsman

Set 2

1) I Crudeli

2) Winterlight

3) Nero

4) Security Lock

5) Up and Down

Another one for the Archive! Free Free Jazz!

29 06 2010

Our return to Commercial Taphouse went great. It was good to see Sean behind the bar again, and have a packed house to play for. We tried melding songs together in a different way for our first number, and it went great. It’s always fun to imagine these songs flowing together, and then having no idea what that would sound like until you’re actually doing it. At this point, the group is so comfortable with the material, that it’s fun to add some creative challenge to the usual mix of song/improv. Nothing is perfect though, and in this case, we didn’t get the whole second set recorded, but what we did get came out sounding good. We even played a new tune called The Boss, inspired by the Fernando Di Leo movie of the same name, though only the first few minutes got recorded. Enjoy!

6.27.10 Commercial Taphouse, RVA

Set 1

1) Revolver>Across the Roof>The Silence

2) One Armed Swordsman>Halloween>One Armed Swordsman

3) Manhunt

4) Winterlight

5) Up and Down

Set 2

1) Beach of the War Gods

2) The Boss (incomplete)

More Live Recordings!

18 05 2010

Two shows added to the Archives!

The first is a set we played at The Camel back in December. At one point in the show, Reggie knocked over his stand, and in a crowd full of musicians, the reaction was amazing, as you’ll see in the bonus track.

The second show comes courtesy of A Blog Supreme‘s Patrick Jarenwattananon, who was testing out a new device and broke it in by documenting our first DC show of ’10. He also took some pictures which we’ve put on our Facebook. Special thanks to Ed Ricart for setting that show up, and playing!

More announcements coming soon.


12.7.09 The Camel, RVA

1) Gary Glitter > Turtle

2) Manhunt

3) Beach of the War Gods

4) Revolver

5) Through a Glass Darkly

6) Winterlight

Bonus: The Reggie Music Stand Reaction

5.5.10 Bossa, Washington, DC

Recorded by A Blog Supreme’s Patrick Jarenwattananon

1) Manhunt

2) Gary Glitter

3) One Armed Swordsman>Carpenter>One Armed Swordsman

4) Beach of the War Gods

5) Winterlight

6) John Carpenter Medley

7) Through a Glass Darkly

10.20.09 Charlottesville Tuesday (like Jandek…get it?)

25 10 2009

Revolver standWe had a great time playing on Tuesday as part of a music series put on by the Charlottesville Jazz Society. We played at a great new venue called Bel Rio, where the Society presents musicians. At least one new song was played, and the first tune (Nero) went unrecorded, but here is the rest of the music presented in all it’s mp3’ish glory!

10.20.09 Bel Rio, Charlottesville, VA

1) Revolver

2) The Silence

3) John Carpenter Medley

4) Up and Down

5) Winterlight

6) Gary Glitter

RVAJazzfest mp3s!

26 02 2009

rvajazzfestWow! The RVAJazzfest was an amazing experience from start to finish. What Dean Christesen has done with his site over the past one and a half years is quite amazing, and the amount of time he’s devoted to Glows has always been beyond gracious. The fact that he was able to successfully pull off this show, and manage to sell it out, is an achievement that cannot be overstated. The crowd was amazing, and really pushed us to give a great performance, and helped validate our approach (something the bar atmosphere doesn’t always do).

Also, the presence of Steven Bernstein in RVA has already given our scene a great boost of confidence, and his advice and hilarious musings have really helped me personally. Good Times! Enjoy the tunes…

2.21.08 RVAJazzfest, The Camel, RVA

1) Nero

2) John Carpenter Tunes (The Fog > Across the Roof > Halloween 3 > Assault on Precinct 13)

3) Winterlight

4) The Silence

5) One Armed Swordsman > Number 5 > One Armed Swordsman

6)Through a Glass Darkly