Reggie Pace joins Bon Iver!

20 06 2011

Excited to let everyone know that our esteemed trombonist Reggie Pace just joined the band of the mighty Bon Iver! Wanted to drop everyone a line today, because tonight (Monday, June 20, 2011) you can catch him and the rest of the band on The Colbert Report, and tomorrow (Tuesday, June 21, 2011) they will be on the Jimmy Fallon show!

And if that wasn’t enough—Reggie’s coming back to RVA on Thursday to play with us at Balliceaux for MONDO ITALIA DANCE PARTY!

Don’t worry, Reggie’s still in the band–despite the whole, “I’m a rockstar and only eat things with truffles or truffle oil in them” thing. I’m using this opportunity to write some new tunes for our next record.

And we’re all getting our truffle hunting skills on point!

For more info on Reggie joining Bon Iver, check out this article on RVA NEWS.