19 04 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011
Performance at Balliceaux
10:00pm, FREE 21+
203 N. Lombardy, Richmond, VA

Join Richmond band Glows in the Dark as they delve into brand new territory. Inspired by the Italian Crime films of the 1970’s, Glows will present 2 solid sets of grooves taken from these films in a format that’s very new to the band. Playing in front of a backdrop of sex and violence from these films, they will treat the material as a DJ would—-transitioning seamlessly between grooves to keep the people dancing. Dancing? That’s right, Glows will leave behind their free form experimentation, in order to properly keep the crowd moving, and honor the great Italian groovesmiths of yore! This is an exciting time for Glows, presenting this show for the second time at Balliceaux, and adding guests to help the band do it right. Glows will add Lauren Serpa on flute, and special vocals from Eddie Prendergast and Lydia Ooghe on a few deep cuts! In addition, the great SnowPanda will DJ before the gig and keep everyone grooving between sets!

Join us for this special showcase of RVA talent!

More on our guests:


Lydia Ooghe:

Eddie Prendergast:


Lost and Found

8 09 2008

Several things are going on in Glows World these days. We LOST Jason Arce (rumor has it he is in NY teaching teachers) and we FOUND John Lilley (rumor has it that its true that he rules).  Jason and John are both great players with very different styles, so we’re excited to see the direction John’s approach will take us (it better be sweet or his ass is fired…jk).


On Myspace-A couple new songs from some recent recording we’ve been doing.
On YouTube-New Clips from our performance at B.S. Mitrick’s The Fest Oh 8.
On iTunes-Jason Arce’s debut album Simplicity.  You can find the album on iTunes with good ol’ search!

In other news:

I’m working on some music for director Lawrance Lee’s new short film The Lost Ones.  The film is about a man who loses his brother in a car crash and gets stuck on it, unable to deal with the loss and move forward.  For the project, I’ve assembled a non-lossy band that includes Glows’ Cameron Ralston, and Fight the Big Bull’s Pinson Chanselle and Matt White.  Engineering will be Andy Jenkins of The Great White Jenkins.