Reggie Pace joins Bon Iver!

20 06 2011

Excited to let everyone know that our esteemed trombonist Reggie Pace just joined the band of the mighty Bon Iver! Wanted to drop everyone a line today, because tonight (Monday, June 20, 2011) you can catch him and the rest of the band on The Colbert Report, and tomorrow (Tuesday, June 21, 2011) they will be on the Jimmy Fallon show!

And if that wasn’t enough—Reggie’s coming back to RVA on Thursday to play with us at Balliceaux for MONDO ITALIA DANCE PARTY!

Don’t worry, Reggie’s still in the band–despite the whole, “I’m a rockstar and only eat things with truffles or truffle oil in them” thing. I’m using this opportunity to write some new tunes for our next record.

And we’re all getting our truffle hunting skills on point!

For more info on Reggie joining Bon Iver, check out this article on RVA NEWS.



19 04 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011
Performance at Balliceaux
10:00pm, FREE 21+
203 N. Lombardy, Richmond, VA

Join Richmond band Glows in the Dark as they delve into brand new territory. Inspired by the Italian Crime films of the 1970’s, Glows will present 2 solid sets of grooves taken from these films in a format that’s very new to the band. Playing in front of a backdrop of sex and violence from these films, they will treat the material as a DJ would—-transitioning seamlessly between grooves to keep the people dancing. Dancing? That’s right, Glows will leave behind their free form experimentation, in order to properly keep the crowd moving, and honor the great Italian groovesmiths of yore! This is an exciting time for Glows, presenting this show for the second time at Balliceaux, and adding guests to help the band do it right. Glows will add Lauren Serpa on flute, and special vocals from Eddie Prendergast and Lydia Ooghe on a few deep cuts! In addition, the great SnowPanda will DJ before the gig and keep everyone grooving between sets!

Join us for this special showcase of RVA talent!

More on our guests:


Lydia Ooghe:

Eddie Prendergast:

Balcony Success (mp3s)

17 06 2008

The first installment of the Thompson/Grace Balcony Concert Series went off great and without a hitch. RVAJazz was there and took some sweet pictures here. John Lilley sat in for Jason on this gig, and despite very little rehearsal, managed to get everything together and sound great throughout. Thanks to Reggie and Larri Branch for opening up their balcony to us. And thanks to all the friends that made it out and bought CDs…and drank lemonade.

6.14.08 Thompson/Grace Balcony Concert Series, RVA

1) Security Lock

2) Winterlight

3) Through a Glass Darkly

4) One Armed Swordsman

5) GTO

6) Nero

7) Up and Down

Matana Roberts and the Balcony of Crystal Excellence.

12 06 2008

For the past week, I have been threatening to download Matana Roberts’ Chicago Project album from iTunes. After listening to all of the song samples, the exercise in futility became tougher, and then finally last night I bit the bullet and downloaded it. It really does help that the album is amazing.

The group consists of Matana on alto sax, Jeff Parker on guitar, Josh Abrams on bass, and Frank Rosaly on drums. There are also three duos between Roberts and tireless Chicago stalwart Fred Anderson (tenor) that are amazing. The songs are great, and the improvising is great, and the group dynamic is solid. It has been awhile since I’ve heard a jazz album like this. I love the interplay during the improvisations. It’s never about just one person, but the whole group shines. Even the writing brings out the individual talents of everyone involved, and the level of listening going on in the band is incredible on every track.

Roberts has a great sound that seems to be all her own, and it’s been built out of the jazz tradition. It’s great to hear that in creative/experimental jazz, there is still great new music coming out of the tradition. It’s not that the music sounds old (not at all), it’s just that you can tell Matana didn’t reject or ignore the old stuff (something awesome but unusual these days).

Also, it’s great to hear drummer Frank Rosaly. I met him on a trip to Chicago in ’04 with my brother. We went to the legendary Jazz Record Mart, and spent a long time looking through their massive collection of jazz, avant, classical, CDs and DVDs. On our way out, he quickly introduced himself to us when he noticed our purchases. He was cool as shit, and told us (even wrote down) all the cool stuff that was going on in the city that week. He told us about Jeff Parker’s trio gig with Jason Ajemian and Nori Tanaka, Tony Malaby’s gig at the Chicago Cultural Arts Center, and a jam at Myopic Books Basement with Josh Berman that he also played in, and we saw him out at almost all the gigs he told us about. It was that friendly vibe that we really loved about Chicago, and thats the feeling I get from the Matana Roberts Chicago Project album.

Also this album makes me want to grab my Real Book and jump back into the shed!

Now we are gearing up for the CD Release show on Saturday as the first concert in the Thompson/Grace Balcony Series. This show is FREE and ALL AGES, and will feature us playing an hour of music from 2:30 to 3:30pm. It will also feature a lawn for hanging, and lemonade for the masses! The series, started by Reggie Pace and Larri Branch, is all about creating a laid back party vibe for new creative music. B.Y.O.Picnic Basket and come hang out!

Also, our debut CD Music to Listen to Glows in the Dark By will be there for $10 a pop!

5.25.08 Commercial Taphouse mp3s!!!

29 05 2008

So here it is.  The complete show in mp3s.  We had a personnel change for this show, as Tom Skjei filled in for Cameron on bass duties.  I used to play with Tom all the time, and it was great to hear him getting back into playing and improvising.  We also resurrected a couple older tunes (Hi There, and Ipanema Weeknight), and we played the original Warren Oates as well.  Good times, good crowd, and of course not a lot of money, but we did manage to drink a lot of beer for free, so hopefully our livers got their money’s worth there.

We’ve also added a couple new shows including our CD Release Party, which will be the first in a series of concerts organized by Reggie Pace and Larri Branch that will take place on their balcony at the corner of Thompson and Grace!  It will be free and all ages, and there will be a lemonade stand, as the crowd gathers on the lawn below to check out some of Richmond’s Finest.  More info on their Facebook Group

5.25.08 Commercial Taphouse, RVA

Set 1

1) Hi There What Good???

2) Through a Glass Darkly

3) Ipanema Weeknight

4) Winterlight

5) GTO

6) Strawberry Letter 23

Set 2

1) Nero

2) The Silence

3) One Armed Swordsman

4) Up and Down

5) Warren Oates (original version)

and Tom’s last name (Skjei) means “Spoon” in Norwegian.  We got confirmation from Paal Nilssen-Love years ago!