16 09 2009


Many exciting things are happening in the Glowing Realm these days, one of which is the start of our next recording project. My love of genre movies has led me to start researching and writing tunes inspired by the Italian Poliziotteschi movies of the late 60’s through the 70’s. These are tough crime films, usually involving the mafia and a cop pushed over the edge, and vengeance always figures in there somewhere. All of these movies that I’ve seen so far have been a lot of fun, but also inspiring in a weird way. They are little seen, and not championed that much. In fact the only outspoken champion of the genre that I know of is Quentin Tarantino. Hell, he even remade re-imagined a movie by one of this genre’s masters Enzo G. Castellari. In an effort to spread the wealth, I will be writing about some of these films, and of course writing tunes as well. My goal is to get this project done quickly, in keeping with the spirit of the genre, and get this record to you people in due time.

To give you an idea for how sweet this genre is, and how big of an effect it’s had on Tarantino, here’s the opening to Sergio Sollima‘s 1973 classic Revolver featuring a song from Inglourious Basterds over a scene from Reservoir Dogs!

Revolver Intro on YouTube!




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17 09 2009

Dude, considering we watched both movies together, Inglourious Bastards and Inglorious Basterds have almost nothing in common. Therefore, not a remake.

3 11 2010
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inglourious basterds is really a nice film that was set on a timeline during World War II ”

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