Live mp3 Download: 7.25.10 Commercial Taphouse

29 07 2010

The first of two recent shows finds us back at Commercial Taphouse, playing for a full house and all warmed up after a long rehearsal earlier in the day. ENJOY!!!

And stay tuned, our show the next night will be online soon enough!

7.25.10 Commercial Taphouse, RVA

Set 1

1) Gary Glitter

2) The Silence

3) Across the Roof > Revolver

4) Beach of the War Gods

5) Manhunt

6) One Armed Swordsman

Set 2

1) I Crudeli

2) Winterlight

3) Nero

4) Security Lock

5) Up and Down




2 responses

10 03 2011

Hey I like your blog man you go off on tangents as bad as I do, with the visuals especially? What is your “Gary Glitter” piece? Is it an original kind of tribute to him or do you borrow from the famous sports stadium riffs? My friend Malcolm Welbourne of “Killer Bees” (there’s a weird thread from my original post to you and contact to you at work here), Papa Mali and 7 Walkers used to tell me that Gary Glitter stuff was part of his mix, in the blues, dub, reggae, roots rock nexus — I did not know. I only knew it as a sound-bite and sportsy. Or I didn’t put it in it’s actual context. Anyhow, shout from Palo Alto, California where I am thinking about Scott Amendola the drummer and his connection to guitarists like Jeff Parker, Charlie Hunter and Nels Cline. (When I reviewed/blogged on Scott and Jeff I somehow talked about the old Saturday Night Live “Killer Bees” skit with Reggie Jackson “buzzing off” because John Corbett called Parker “cross-pollinator”…Mali’s reggae band had the same name, Killer Bees, before I knew him. I met him when I managed Henry Butler and Mali was a fan…)Mark Weiss in Palo Alto

10 03 2011

Hey man I want to re-visit if not revise my previous about Gary Glitter, your “Gary Glitter” and Malcolm “Papa Mali” Welbourne. First of all I realize I can answer my own question partly because your set list is actually a button to a public streamer of your performance; thanks for that. I want to say that I don’t think I had heard anything about Gary Glitter’s personal life and troubles until just now when I was going back to hear the sound-bite of “Rock and Roll, Part 2” and saw all the posts about his issues. So it’s possible I realize that your composition might be a comment on his issues in life about the news and not his music per se. My conversation with Mali on his influences is pretty dated, from 2003 or so, i.e. well-before Gary Glitter’s troubles had surfaced. And I am not sure — would have to find the correspondence to recall exactly how he said it was an influence. I recall my surprise but not the essence of what he was saying. (and it was easy, too easy, for me to pop in on your site and riff on the suject — you say you did Yes and Morriconne or example, so it seemed plausible for you to have “glam” or “pop” influences even for someone who likes Steve Lehman, Mary Halvorson and Jeff Parker. I recall seeing Dave Douglas at Yoshis and him intro-ing a song saying “this is by Erika Badyu” and people laugh like he is making a joke when in fact his song is derivative of her riff — so people with big ears do have oftentimes diverse influences. I think Malcolm was saying there is something in the Gary Glitter production and the use of reverb that is similar to how dub works, or how he hears dub. Anyhow, I will try to listen more carefully to the track you posted but if you get the chance I would like, publically or at the scoop. Best, Mark Weiss

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